Working With Cities to help Residents Lower Their Electricity Bills and Save Money” 

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How we create happiness

The combined purchasing power of thousands of households helps get you a competitive price for a retail energy plan or a turnkey solar installation. iChoosr works with service providers participating in our group purchasing programs to make sure that customers are getting a high quality offer at a great price. Registration is easy, free and without any obligation. We don’t share your data with third parties unless you have accepted your personal offer.

More about our Solar & Storage program

More about our Energy program

How do our group switching programs work?

  • 1. Sign up for free and with no obligation.

  • 2. iChoosr organizes an auction among selected providers / installers.

  • 3. You will receive a personal offer from the winning provider.

  • 4. You decide whether or not you want the offer.

  • 5. If you decide you want to move forward, iChoosr is on hand to help throughout the fulfilment process.

Community Leaders

Together we stand stronger to secure a better deal. That’s why we work with community leaders, including local governments, to reach as many people as possible. We leverage the existing relationship between the city and its residents to promote the program and drive awareness about our programs. iChoosr has been working with local governments to promote Texas Power Switch to their communities since 2017. Starting in 2022, iChoosr is also offering a group buying program for rooftop solar. We recently completed our first solar program in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area supported by 3 local government partners and Solar United Neighbors.

iChoosr's Results U.S.


Since 2017 we have organized 17 auctions.


Almost 15 thousand households have accepted an offer from iChoosr.

$ 9,010,000

Residents are saving more than $9 million on their electricity bills.

iChoosr's Results Worldwide


iChoosr has organized more than 215 auctions.


More than 2.6 million people accepted an offer by iChoosr.

$ 860,000,000

In all, our participants have saved more than $860 million.

Our group switching programs combine purchasing power